What is Botox and how does it work?

Botox is a natural, purified protien form of a neuromuscular toxin Clostridium Botulium and acts as a muscle-contraction blocking agent that can be used to treat a number of neurological disorders such as muscle spasms.  Botox blocks the chemical signal from the nerve endings that produce the muscle contraction.  

Botox can be a wonderful adjunct to cosmetic dentistry.  When administered by a skilled physician, the final result is natural and pleasing to the majority of patients, and the “frozen” facial appearance is avoided.  Botox is designed to eliminate frown lines between the eyebrows, wrinkles around the eyes and horizontal lines on the forehead are caused my contracted muscles.  Botox can be used in aid and prevention.

Botox Treatment Procedure

Botox comes from the manufacturer in the form of a white powder in a small sealed vial like the one in the picture on the right.  Dr. Seabold will add saline solution to the vial right before your procedure.  It is very important that the Botox be freshly reconstituted to be the most effective.

With great care and precision, Dr. Seabold will inject the Botox into the facial muscles that are causing your lines and wrinkles.  The sites for injection are prepared and the doctor will uses a tiny Microneedle , so that a tiny amount of Botox is precisely injected into several locations on the face.  As the muscles weaken, the skin overlying the muscles also weaken, causing the wrinkles to soften.  Pain is very minimal and the results can vary to immediate to full effect in 7 days. 

After the Botox Injection

Patients may experience temporary, slight bruising at the injection sites, which could be covered with makeup if necessary.  Botox injections are recommended every three to five months and can often be done during your lunch hour! 

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